My interview with Panda of

AskTheGamers: Hi Jake, is there anything you’d like to say before we begin this interview?

Jake (Panda): Just thanks for having me!

AskTheGamers: Welcome! , ok let’s begin

Jake (Panda): Let’s do it!

One-year-old female giant panda cub Nuan Nuan at the National Zoo in Kuala Lumpur on Aug. 23. Mohd Rasfan / AFP – Getty Images

AskTheGamers: Q: What hobbies do you have outside of streaming?

Jake (Panda): Well like most streamers gaming is my passion.
I’m also a big movie fan.
So if I’m not online catch me in front of a TV watching a superhero flick!

AskTheGamers: nice!
What are some of your favorite movies?

Jake (Panda): I love all the Marvel movies. I’m also a big fan of Adam Sandler movies haha

AskTheGamers: Ah nice, i love those ones too, especially happy gilmore haha

Jake (Panda): Yeah great laugh! 50 First Dates is a guilty pleasure of mine.

AskTheGamers: very good movie!

Q: What got you into gaming?

Jake (Panda): Honestly at a young age it was a baby sitter for my parents haha. Not that I was neglected but it keep me from getting in trouble.
As time went on my passion grew.

AskTheGamers: Any games that stand out as some of the first that really grabbed your attention?

Jake (Panda): The old Goldeneye 007
Man it was a great game.
I used to be a fan of Twisted Metal on PlayStation.

AskTheGamers: great games, Goldeneye was an amazing fps

Q: How did you discover twitch?

Jake (Panda): Honestly it was around the time The Destiny DLC The Dark Below came out. I was looking for raid help and a random message board was talking about twitch. I checked out the site got some help and my journey started. Best decision I ever made.

AskTheGamers: It is amazing to me how helpful twitch can be in literally every aspect of gaming and community, i’m sure you’ve seen countless examples of support on twitch

Jake (Panda): Yeah. It’s more than just a website it’s a family. Of course family fights from time to time and we don’t always agree but we always have each other to lean on. Twitch has given so many people a home. I’m glad to be part of this amazing family.
The charity work that has taken place is absolutely amazing.

AskTheGamers: I agree, it amazes me daily

Q: Tell me how you chose your twitch name?

Jake (Panda): Well for me I was luckily blessed with this name. I have always been a huge fan of pandas. I honestly related to their playful nature and at times laziness haha. Then the song Panda came out and it really stuck with me.

AskTheGamers: oh man, that song lol

Jake (Panda): It’s always fun going into chats and having people double take. You don’t see simple names to often.
Yeah. It was everywhere

AskTheGamers: yeah when you were going in when someone put on the song haha, good times

Jake (Panda): Yeah. You know all about cool names though davey. You freaking glow!

AskTheGamers: haha

Jake (Panda): You been pregnant for years it seems. The glow never goes away.

AskTheGamers: haha i love telling people that when they ask.

Q: Tell me a little bit about your community on twitch and
the people in it.

Jake (Panda): Well calling it my community is so strange to me. Because it’s OUR community. I enjoy bringing people together and honestly connecting people. Having people like you in my life has really showed me twitch is about coming together. We have this same passion and need to unite. Everyone is equal. I just want everyone to come together and be happy.

AskTheGamers: Sounds like a great goal, same as i have, just everyone being friends

Jake (Panda): Exactly!
I feel like we’re making amazing strides to achieving this.
Just gotta keep at it.

AskTheGamers: Yep, keep at it, making new friends daily.

Q: What would you like to see in destiny 2?
what would you like to NOT see?
this is a newer question i will be asking people familiar to the destiny community

Jake (Panda): Honestly on the PvP side I hope ranked playlist is a thing they touch on. I think the game has so much room to grow. As far as what I don’t want to see. Probably the over balancing of weapons. Too many times we saw weapons get scaled back instead of moving weaker guns up to par.
I have faith in Bungie and the team.
That reveal though!
The new supers!

AskTheGamers: yeah that was too cool
i want to main dawnblade early on
do you have any preference yet?

Jake (Panda): I am a hunter main. The Archstriker looks so fun. I can’t wait. The new Titan subclass as well. I can’t wait to run around like I’m Captain America.

A look at the Destiny 2 Warlock Dawnblade subclass

AskTheGamers: they do all look appealing, i really can’t wait for the beta!

Q: If you could change anything about twitch ,
how would you make it different?

Jake (Panda): Honestly I’m extremely happy with the direction of Twitch right now. The affiliate program is amazing. Honestly the wish for me right now is I hope they eventually buy some NFL rights haha. I would love to see some Sunday football on twitch.

AskTheGamers: oh my god, the dream
NFL on twitch

Q: What other content creators or twitch streamers inspire you if any?

Jake (Panda): Honestly I’m a huge fan of Triplewreck, Luminosity. Their drive and communities really inspire me to be so welcoming and open. I would also like to mention Twitch Staff member Hassan. His work ethic and dedication to his job really drove me to pursue my dreams.

AskTheGamers: Hassan the homie
Lumi the god
Triple the also god lol

AskTheGamers: Q: What goals are you proud of having accomplished, and what is still in your sights?

Jake (Panda): Honestly I’m so proud of how everyone has come together in our community from other streamers to viewers to staff. It’s a big family we talk about everything and anything.
As far as future goals. I look forward to start streaming more often and really start pushing for a united community.

AskTheGamers: its fun to hear whats on everyone’s mind, and see what everyone is dealing with and what they’re up to, and like any stream, the community can be a support system

Jake (Panda): Of course.
I look forward to our future.

AskTheGamers: same, can’t wait to see you stream, and you have a new pc that will allow it!

Q: As we close the interview out id like to ask you,
what advice would you like to give to any new streamers just
starting out or even streamers who have been working at this
for a while now?

Jake (Panda): I would say. Don’t stop chasing those dreams. Be consistent, believe in yourself. Don’t ever doubt yourself. I know you can do it. If you ever need to talk I’m here to help.

AskTheGamers: Great interview my friend, i will put your twitter and twitch channel addresses at the end of this article. i thank you for joining me and letting me get your perspective


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