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Lelyn Marie of Q: What hobbies do you have outside of streaming?

Lelyn Marie: Outside of streaming, I’m really passionate about equitation, otherwise known as horseback riding. Presently, I’m working towards what’s called a PATH certification, which will qualify me as a therapeutic horseback riding instructor for people with mental and physical disabilities. I also really enjoy cooking and baking, and when I get the chance, I love hiking and adventuring! Q: What got you into gaming?

Lelyn Marie: Oh, gosh, I started gaming when I was young just because it was something fun to do sometimes, as I feel like most of us did. I distinctly remember faking sick one morning and staying home from school to play Kingdom Hearts all day. But Destiny is actually the first FPS game that I got into, and the only one that I still play. I played a little bit of Halo and a little bit of CoD, and I have Battlefield 1, but I always find myself going back to Destiny, as much as it may frustrate me sometimes. I still remember my first time seeing the commercial for Destiny and thinking how cool and different from traditional FPS games it looked, and I immediately went to preorder it. Q: How did you discover twitch?

Lelyn Marie: It actually wasn’t that long ago that I discovered Twitch, especially considering how long it’s actually been around. It surprised me to learn that it launched in 2011. It was back at the end of year 1, maybe the very beginning of year 2, when I first started playing PvP – I didn’t start dabbling with the crucible until later in my Destiny experience. The group I would run Trials with would talk about certain streamers that they’d watch, and so I decided to check it out. I spent most of my time lurking, but eventually started popping in to Destiny streamers’ chats to say hello, and eventually ventured beyond the Destiny directory to discover other streamers. Q: Tell me how you chose your twitch name?

Lelyn Marie: My Twitch name is very boring, it’s just my name – lelynmarie – and it’s the same as my PSN and my Twitter handle. Since I was a little late to the Twitch party, I figured it’d make the most sense as far as branding goes to just stick with what I’d already established. Q: What are your thoughts on the destiny community?

Lelyn Marie: The Destiny community is something really special, and from what I’ve witnessed, also very unlike any other gaming community. It’s the first gaming community I’ve ever been a part of, and through it, I’ve made friends that I consider family. The community has been responsible for coming together and doing some incredible work for charity, and also for coming together to help out people in the community. There are always going to be a few bad eggs, but more often than not, it’s an incredible community that promotes positivity and support. So, it’s got a special place in my heart. Q: Tell me a little bit about your community on twitch and the people in it.

Lelyn Marie: Since I just started streaming pretty recently, and since I don’t stream very often, my community is a small one. Even still, it’s a community, and it means the world to me. It’s so humbling to me that of all the people on Twitch streaming at the same time as me, there are people that choose to come by MY stream and give me their time, and I’m so incredibly gracious for the support. I have regulars that come by each and every time I stream, and we all just talk about our lives, in and out of gaming. It’s very much a chill, laid back atmosphere. It’s always very much like a group of friends hanging out and kicking it together. Q: what would you like to see in destiny 2? , what would you like to NOT see?

Lelyn Marie: Ever since I got involved with the crucible, I’ve been a very PvP oriented player. I’m not that good, but even still, I thoroughly enjoy it. As such, I’d love to see more balance in the crucible. I’d love for there to be more of a focus on primary gun battles and gun skill, and less on things like grenade and melee spam. Based on the reveal, it’s looking very promising, and I couldn’t be more excited! Q: If you could change anything about twitch ,
how would you make it different?

Lelyn Marie: Maybe it’s because I haven’t used Twitch for as long as other people, or that I don’t stream as often as those that do it more regularly, but I can’t think of anything that could possibly make Twitch better! They’ve done a phenomenal job of creating and optimizing the platform. It’s so easy for viewers to interact and support their favorite streamers, and I’m also a huge fan of the hosting feature. I’m so glad they included autohosting! Twitch has done great with fostering a sense of support and community. Q: What other content creators or twitch streamers inspire you if any?

Lelyn Marie: I’m really inspired by streamers in the Destiny community – big or small – that do Trials help solely for the sake of helping, and can do it with a completely level head throughout. They don’t succumb to tilt, and they don’t blame the person they’re helping. The game can get frustrating sometimes, and it takes a lot of patience and positivity not to give in to that. I really respect guys like TrueVanguard and KJhovey that maintain a fun, lighthearted atmosphere. Q: Going forward, what goals are you proud of having accomplished with your stream and what goals are yet to come?

Lelyn Marie: For the longest time, I was very reluctant to stream. I struggle with some pretty considerable anxiety, but I really wanted to start streaming in order to meet new people in the community. So, I’m most proud of myself for starting up that first stream, and for continuing to do it, even when it’s tough. My goals are very simple. All I want to do going forward is to continue combating my anxiety by hitting that “broadcast gameplay” button, and to continue providing a positive, welcoming place to just hang out for those that choose to watch me. Other than that, I’d really just like to establish a more consistent schedule. Q: As we close the interview out id like to ask you,
what advice would you like to give to any new streamers just starting out or even streamers who have been working at this for a while now?

Lelyn Marie: I think the best advice that I could give to anyone – long time streamers or to those just starting out – would be to just be yourself, and to interact with your chat. By doing so, you’ll attract an audience that will keep coming back, not because of the game you choose to stream or how well you play said game, but because of you!

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