My interview with LokiMCR of Q: What hobbies do you have outside of streaming?

LokiMCR: Outside of gaming my hobbies include drawing, painting and reading. In school I spent most of my time alone and used drawing as a way to pass time. Now that I think of it I don’t think I even noticed that I had a talent when it came to drawing. It was just something that I did and people praised me for it in school. When I started high school I started hating on painting/drawing when a deadline was due. It would completely stress me out since I’m my harshest critic. I’m a huge perfectionist when it comes to drawing, if something does go how I want it to I would give up and eventually get back to it at a different perspective. Now I rarely draw on paper and recently picked up drawing digitally. It’s a completely different feel from drawing on paper, obviously heh. But my perfectionist side still follows me to the digital canvas. In a way it helps me get better at things I love to do. Q: What got you into gaming?

LokiMCR: I’m a very picky player. I get bored really fast when it came to games. When I was younger I didn’t play much. All I had was a gameboy with very few games. I eventually got a PS3 and even then I wasn’t very much into it. It wasn’t until Little Big Planet came out where I started meeting people online. I liked the connection of meeting people and playing with them on the games we liked to play. From LBP I went to Call of duty black ops Zombies. I grinded that game so hard because I wanted to get better and reach my friend’s level. Zombies was all I every touched cause I was too scared to try out multiplayer. I went out on a limb and bought Destiny and I had fun playing the story missions. I was so new to it I had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t even realize it had fire teams and such. There was a mission back in year one where it wanted me to do crucible and I was horrified when I realized it was a player vs player game mode. I quit the game for 2 months because I had this mentality where if I did bad I would be recognized for letting the team down and get yelled at like COD. Eventually I went back and and decided to keep trying like I did with COD zombies. I’m really glad I didn’t completely quit the game. Q: How did you discover twitch?

LokiMCR: When I first got my PS4 I discovered the streaming option. I started streaming to let my boyfriend, who lives in England, watch me play. I got more into twitch when I met my current clan members, Donuthole Gaming, where they are supportive of twitch streamers. That’s how I found people like DodgeGG, TheGeekChic, etc. Q: Tell me how you chose your twitch name?

LokiMCR: Picking my twitch name goes back to when I picked my PSN. I made my PSN back when the Thor movie came out. I was a huge fangirl for Loki. As for the MCR part, it stands for My Chemical Romance, a band that I heavily listened to at the time. Q: What are your thoughts on the Destiny community.

LokiMCR: My thoughts on the destiny community is that there are tons of wonderful people. People who like helping others and people who just want to have fun. Its one of the main reasons why I continue to play the game. Yeah there are some people who may ruin the fun but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to get on and play with friends. Q: Tell me a little bit about your community on twitch and
the people in it.

LokiMCR: My community on twitch is pretty small. It includes friends from BongSquadKittens and Donuthole Gaming. Captain_Llera or Captain, mainly looks to help people on raids even if its their first time. He’s pretty patient and looks to do raids majority of the time. He’s also my partner when it comes to playing crucible. The guys from BongSquadKittens are people who I want to become in terms of getting better at crucible and giving back to the community. They’re too kind and even when they help me out I feel like saying thank you isn’t enough. Playing with them never makes the game boring. Q: what would you like to see in destiny 2?
what would you like to NOT see?

LokiMCR: What I would like to see in Destiny 2 is more of a community thing rather than an in game. I’m pretty excited that Bungie has included a “LFG” option in Destiny 2 for players who play solo. Its a way to meet new people and potentially long term friends. And in special occasions, people find their soulmate. What I would really hate to see is the community to fall apart. It’s what keeps me going, pretty cheesy but its the truth. Q: If you could change anything about twitch ,
how would you make it different?

LokiMCR: Twitch does a pretty good job on giving off this vibe where the streamer and viewers can connect with each other. With the Affiliation program, twitch provided a way for small streamers to make a small income and a way to gain viewers. For someone as small as me, it gives me something to look forward to when it comes to streaming. Q: What other content creators or twitch streamers inspire you if any?

LokiMCR: Ah, I started off as a really bad player since. I grinded for months to get where I am and I want to continue getting better at the game. I wanna be like Dodge, Geek, Hunter, people who have fun and are willing to take their time to help players go flawless especially to the virgins. I wanna better myself before I can give back to the community. This community has given me so much. It helped me find myself and it would mean a lot to me to give back. I wanna help the player thats never gone flawless, someone who needs a friend to play with or just a community where they could be themselves. And thats the inspiring thing that most of the streamers in the destiny community have; a supportive community. Q: Going forward, what goals are you proud of having
accomplished with your stream and what goals are yet to come?

LokiMCR: I wasn’t much of a streamer to begin with. I was more of a supportive friend who would shout out other streamers to help them with viewers. I eventually decided to stream more often because of the Affiliation program that twitch offered, so that’s one thing I’m proud of. For my future goals, I’m not entirely sure. I mean it would be nice to create my own community where anyone is welcomed. I do have one goal in mind which is getting partnered but at the moment it way too far from my reach but for now I’ll keep having fun. Q: As we close the interview out id like to ask you,
what advice would you like to give to any new streamers just
starting out or even streamers who have been working at this
for a while now?

LokiMCR: My high school friend recently started streaming and what I told her was to just be herself. Tell your friends because friends are what make up your community. Make a Social media platform for yourself where you advertise your own channel. I mainly supported most of my friends before I decided to take on the Affiliation requirements.


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