My interview with HeyFitzy of Q: What hobbies do you have outside of streaming?

HeyFitzy: Outside of streaming I like to do a lot of sports card trading. I know, sports cards, odd right? Well, when I was
a kid I always liked opening packs of baseball, hockey and basketball cards. The past 5 years my baseball and hockey
card collection quickly started growing, like, it got a bit out of hand. Pretty much to the point where the spare
room became a storage room for it. My rarest card I have in my collection is a Babe Ruth Baseball Bat Relic Card. It
is just a simple card really with 6 pieces of his bat, sealed in a card and only 25 of them are made.
I’ll probably never get rid of it. Ever. Q: What got you into gaming?

HeyFitzy: Well, I was also into gaming. My childhood I was always around a video game system. Atari(holy crap I’m old), Nintendo,
Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, GameCube, XBOX. It was basically easy entertainment I suppose, and my parents would never have to worry about me being a little hellion. I didn’t really get “heavily” into gaming until Halo and Halo 2. I
even did a few MLG Events back in the Halo 2 days, before realizing, my skills were not the best and I should just take gaming casually. My
blood pressure has been thanking me since that decision. Q: How did you discover twitch?

HeyFitzy: I discovered Twitch when Destiny was about to release. I was one of first couple thousand members at the time on the Destiny Reddit
and I always saw people talk about streaming and Twitch. So I decided to check it out when Destiny came out. Best decision ever made. Q: Tell me how you chose your twitch name?

HeyFitzy: My Twitch name, HeyFitzy? Hey, Fitzy. Hey, HeyFitzy. Hey, it’s HeyFitzy. Catchy and funny right? I thought so. Fitz or Fitzy is my actual nickname and
the “hey” part comes from the Halo 2 days. One night I was having an all night FFA in Halo 2 with friends, and everyone kept stealing my kills
then killing me. Once I finally got my first kill, my friend said “hey, fitzy got a kill!” From then, it stuck, I even changed my Xbox GT to HeyFitzy.
So in the kill feed you would see “HeyFitzy killed….” or “X player killed HeyFitzy.” It was just something catchy and funny and it has been stuck with
me for the past 17 years. Q: What are your thoughts on the Destiny community?

HeyFitzy: The Destiny Community is something very special and means a lot to me. We are very lucky in this day in age to have a very well respected Community in gaming. Because there are
some people out there that think negatively about Gaming Communities. Sure we may have bad apples here and there, BUT, there are a lot of genuine people in our Community.
Yes, OUR, Community. Everyone in my eyes, we are all the same. We all have the common love for a wonderful game that Bungie created. Some have made many friendships,
some have even met their boyfriend/girlfriend, some have met their soulmates. All because of one game made by one company. It’s pretty awesome to be apart of this Community.
I’ve been involved with Bungie Communities for 17 years now, and I got to say, this Community is without a doubt the best one I’ve seen and been in.
Ever since I did the whole Iron Banner Data Testing, I’ve met so many people in this Community and have become friends with everyone I’ve come across. It’s truly a blessing to be
in the Destiny Community. I’ll close by saying this : Treat people how you want to be treated. Q: Tell me a little bit about your community on twitch and
the people in it.

HeyFitzy: Well my Community on Twitch is small right now. It’s mostly my friends who I have known for about 2 years now, friends who are new and my clan members. I like to
have a nice chill atmosphere when people are in my stream. Less salt, more bantz. Q: What would you like to see in destiny 2?
What would you like to NOT see?

HeyFitzy: What I would like to see in Destiny 2 is just a better overall experience for PvE Players. As someone who is mostly PvE focused (PvEople’s Champ, sorry Datto), I
want to see Patrol be something worth doing. Patrol is the ONLY thing I have very high expectations for going forward. I want to be able to kill World Bosses for
loot that means something. It’d be nice to see Destiny 2 sorta make their “Open World” a bit more, OPEN WORLD. I want to explore
and explore and get lost in the Wild and shoot any enemy that gets in my way.

What I would like to NOT see in Destiny 2 is Hive and Taken. Literally, that’s it. Please. Q: If you could change anything about twitch ,
how would you make it different?

HeyFitzy: Two Words: Cumulative Subs. Q: What other content creators or twitch streamers inspire you if any?

HeyFitzy: I’m a bit bias so they are going to be Destiny related, no particular order: Datto, tripleWRECK, Gothalion, ProfessorBroman, Teawrex, ms5000watts,
Holtzmann, TrueVanguard, Byf, Charionna. I’ve always liked and respected how they work and handle themselves on a daily basis. They all have Communities that make you feel
welcome once you enter. They don’t treat you any different, they treat you like everyone else. You have to admire and respect that. Q: Going forward, what goals are you proud of having
accomplished with your stream and what goals are yet to come?

HeyFitzy: I think if I can just provide good entertainment, make people laugh, make people feel welcome, and give them a place to just chill, I’m happy. Obviously everyone wants to
get that Sub Button, it takes a lot of hard work to get that. I’ll definitely be going for it, but for now, baby steps and just take it a day at a time and enjoy what you do. Q: As we close the interview out id like to ask you,
what advice would you like to give to any new streamers just
starting out or even streamers who have been working at this
for a while now?

HeyFitzy: Advice to new streamers: Be you and don’t get frustrated. Never. Give. Up.
Advice to current streamers: Be you, concentrate on you, not others. It can be easy to get upset and want to just stop, but you’ve already won the biggest battle
and that is just simply beginning the stream when others don’t want to do. Never. Give. Up.


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