My interview with Sarah Daniels of What hobbies do you have outside of streaming?

ImSarahDaniels: This is a great question that I don’t often get asked! I love to be outside, going for long walks or hikes, fishing, really anything that involves an outdoor adventure! But I’m allergic to ants, so my outdoorsy adventures can’t be TOO crazy! And eating. I love eating. What got you into gaming?

ImSarahDaniels: My sister and I had a Sega Genesis and a SNES growing up, and I was obsessed with Super Mario RPG, Link to the Past, all the Sonic games, and Toejam and Earl. Then, when Playstation came out, my sister played Final Fantasy VII at a friend’s house and my parents caved and got us a Playstation. That Halloween, as an 8 year old, I made an Aeris costume. I’ve been hooked ever since. How did you discover twitch?

ImSarahDaniels: I had heard about it in passing, but it wasn’t until my friend Chris (ChrisSpeaketh on Twitch) literally forced me to sign up. He saw my Zelda wallet at a rehearsal for a show we were doing and was like “WAIT, do you stream?” He signed me up then and there and thus began this journey! Tell me how you chose your twitch name?

ImSarahDaniels: Well, my name is Sarah Daniels and SarahDaniels was taken, so there you have it! Tell me a little bit about your community on twitch and
the people in it.

ImSarahDaniels: Our community is incredible. They are called the DamnDanielsFam and they’ve all changed my life. I have this unreal group of supportive and positive people that tune in almost every night to hang out with me. We are all about helping each other. I do mostly PvE content and raid help and they are always there to help if I can’t be around or help someone. Everyone is just so kind and so supportive of one another, it blows me away every day! what would you like to see in destiny 2?

ImSarahDaniels: More PvE content! Which I think is coming, after attending the reveal and seeing the part about Lost Sectors and Adventures I about lost my mind. I’m so excited to explore the new open world feel of Destiny 2. AND MORE RAIDS!!  what would you like to NOT see?

ImSarahDaniels: There’s really nothing I don’t want to see to be honest, but in PvP I would love if the meta wasn’t so intense. I feel like now if I don’t have a God roll hand cannon or an Icebreaker I can’t be successful. Not that my PvP opinion really matters, because let’s face it, I am a PvE Princess that is complete garbage in PvP. Maybe that’ll change in Destiny 2. ;] If you could change anything about twitch ,
how would you make it different?

ImSarahDaniels: Twitch is an incredible platform that has brought me the best year of my life. There isn’t anything I would change EXCEPT more protection for streamers, specifically females. I just wish there was an algorithm to catch all the horrific comments and usernames, but they do the best they can. What other content creators or twitch streamers inspire you if any?

ImSarahDaniels: Too many to list. Gothalion, Datto, Lumi, LaB, SheSnaps, these cats have amazing communities and have been so kind to me, some of them since day one, and their support has meant so much. I want to be them when I grow up! Going forward, what goals are you proud of having
accomplished with your stream and what goals are yet to come?

ImSarahDaniels: Getting invited to the Destiny 2 World Premiere was the best day of my life. I am reapplying for partner and hoping that is reached soon, our community has been growing like crazy and I hope Twitch recognizes our hard work soon! This week I am the Destiny Community Focus on—SarahDaniels , so check that article out! As we close the interview out id like to ask you,
what advice would you like to give to any new streamers just
starting out or even streamers who have been working at this
for a while now?

ImSarahDaniels: I would say stay positive and stay consistent. I’ve had my rough times streaming, but at the end of the day, I remember I’m the glue in this wonderful community they’ve built and they are there for me as much, if not more than I’m there for them. One viewer or 500 viewers, every single person matters. Never discount any of your hard work. Chin up, and keep moving forward!

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